Do you sometimes find that you don’t have the time or people to wrestle with a knotty strategic problem, pitch for a new client or facilitate an important meeting? Or lack the knowledge or resource to organise some market research or analyse data you already have?

That’s why I provide a cost-effective ‘pay as you go’ resource for all kinds of brand owners and agencies. It might mean that I run a brainstorm for half a day, or a brand positioning process over a couple of months. It might mean that I conduct fresh qualitative research (for instance I do a lot of creative development research).

Have you ever felt your people needed some training but weren’t sure how to get something sufficiently tailored? I provide focused, enjoyable training of individuals or groups that uses real examples from their work to ensure the learning can be implemented immediately.

Do you need to assess the effectiveness of your communications, or need someone to write (or help your team write) an entry for an award? I have particular experience with writing successful IPA Effectiveness Awards entries, having co-authored Gold winners in 2012 and 2014 (including the Grand Prix for John Lewis in 2012), and was a judge for the 2010 IPA Effectiveness Awards.

I might be all you need but if the project requires more I usually know who to call. I collaborate regularly with some fantastic people across a variety of disciplines.

“Helen has the chameleon-like ability to become a team member instantly and has the experience and gravitas to engage with clients and help us deliver compelling answers to any brief.”

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